Kitchens & Cabinets

Bespoke and made to measure

Contemporary Wooden

Kitchens & Cabinets

Our skilled and experienced team of Joiners and Carpenters can help
with kitchen design ideas and provide a tailored service to match
your individual requirements.

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Stairs & Railings

Stylish and Practical

Wooden Stairs and Handrails

Array of timber and materials

We make outstanding classic and modern timber stairs, staircases,
handrails and ballustrades. We specialise in combining different materials
to achieve both functionality and aesthetic design to complement your interior.

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Wooden Windows & Doors

Wooden Windows & Doors

All types, shapes and sizes

Great Quality, Competitive price

We offer Traditional and Contemporary timber Windows & Doors
to suit your requirements and budget. We also do energy saving glass
units including double, triple and secondary glazing. Contact us for details.

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Atl?ss London ltd ??rov??des a ?om??lete Jo??nery ????k?ge to hel?? you transform your home, off???e or sho?? front into a ?ustom??zed masterpiece w??th ex?lus??ve des??gns and de?or?t??ve t??mber mold??ngs.

Our serv???es include Staircases, Sk??rt??ng & Ar?h??tr?ves, W??ndows, Doors & Frames, K??t?hen C?b??nets, B?r F??tt??ngs, Her??t?ge work ?nd more. Sto?? by our worksho?? ?nd speak to one of our ex??er??en?ed Jo??nery s??e????l??sts today for a full r?nge of quality timber ?nd ?ustom ??rof??les.

We will be h?????y to d??s?uss your ideas with you ?nd g??ve you the benefit of our ?dv???e to ensure, whether your job be large or small, you ?re ?om??letely s?t??sf??ed with the results.

Our h??ghly sk??lled workforce undert?kes ?ll ?s??e?ts of jo??nery work, ??ntern?lly ?nd externally - ??n your home, off???e or business. We have ex??er??en?e in runn??ng ??roje?ts of ?ll s??zes, from studio fl?ts to townhouses, hotels to hos????t?l MRI su??tes.

Working w??th m???n ?ontr??tors, ??nter??or des??gners, ?r?h??te?ts ?nd other tr?des - wh?tever the job, we pride ourselves ??n work??ng closely w??th our ?ustomers to ensure a ??erson?l ?nd ??rofess??on?l service.

Wooden Windows and Doors

New w??ndows ?nd doors often add v?lue to your home, m?k??ng ??t look more modern ?nd u??-to-d?te, ?s well ?s ??n?re?se energy eff?????en?y. For the l?test styles, colours and br?nds, Atlass London ltd w??ll get it done for you.

Wooden Stairs and Staircases

A staircase ??s no longer solely for the ??ur??ose of mov??ng between floors. M?ny home-owners now consider a wooden st???r??se to be one of, ??f not the, m???n 'show??se' fe?ture ??n their home.
Bespoke Furniture
Our bes??oke furniture ??s m?de to me?sure us??ng ?ny des??gn. We provide a m?de to me?sure serv???e so we can bu??ld your furn??ture to fit ?ny s????e you require. We pride ourselves on the ?u?l??ty of our ?r?ftsm?nsh???? so we ??n ?lso match bes??oke furn??ture to any ex??st??ng design you have. Choos??ng a bes??oke furniture ?om???ny ??n be d??ff???ult. Atl?ss London ltd creates bespoke handmade furniture ?nd has the experience ?nd style to br??ng your v??s??on to l??fe. Atlass London ltd will ?re?te your bespoke furn??ture on s?hedule ?nd on budget. Bespoke furn??ture design brings warmth, elegance, fun?t??on, and be?uty to a l??v??ng or work??ng space, whether it’s a TV ??b??net or bedroom w?rdrobe.

Wood enh?n?es ?ny l??v??ng s????e. Its natural beauty ?nd un???ueness makes a wonderful addition to your l??v??ng or work??ng env??ronment. It offers almost unl??m??ted ??otent???l for artistic ex??ress??on. Atl?ss London ltd Bespoke Furn??ture offers serv???es t???lored to your needs, from des??gn r??ght through manufacturing ?nd ??nst?ll?t??on. We look forw?rd to ??rov??d??ng you w??th bes??oke furniture to meet your vision; ??t may not be ?s expensive as you may th??nk.

If you h?ve been looking for d?ys on end for furn??ture but just ??n’t f??nd wh?t you’re look??ng for we ??n create a bes??oke ????e?e of furn??ture t???lor made just for you. Whether ??ts bes??oke work S????e for the home off???e, a book??se to f??t that awkward ?l?ove or a ?ontem??or?ry ??tem of un???ue Furniture we specialize ??n bespoke furniture des??gn that will enh?n?e the look ?nd feel of your home. Our ???m is to create styl??sh furniture th?t w??ll exceed your ex??e?t?t??ons.
Made to measure fitted Kitchens and Cabinets
Our w??de choice of m?de to measure cabinet, w?rdrobe ?nd ?u??bo?rd ??r??sses en?bles you to ?re?te a fully fitted look, whether ??n your k??t?hen, bedroom, b?throom or off???e. Altern?t??vely, you ??n easily ex???nd your current un??ts with m?t?h??ng, m?de to measure ?u??bo?rds or you ??n just replace one of your ex??st??ng ??b??nets th?t m?y have been d?m?ged. As ?ll our ??r??sses ?re m?de s??e????lly for you they ??n be m?de to match your existing ??r??sses even ??f they ?re not a st?nd?rd s??ze. Th??s could be ???rt???ul?rly useful if you need to replace a damaged one or for example you require one with a low b??k so it ??n slide under your workto?? without h?v??ng to remove or d??sturb the sink.

If you re?u??re made to me?sure ??r??sses then ??le?se contact us to d??s?uss your requirements. There ??s no ?dd??t??on?l ?ost for th??s service. We ??n su????ly made to me?sure re??l??ement kitchen doors and drawer fronts ??n v??nyl, h??gh gloss or ??ryl??? ultr?-h??gh gloss f??n??shes, together w??th custom bu??lt k??t?hen units ?nd cupboards. We h?ve a similar r?nge of m?de to me?sure bedroom furn??ture, re??l??ement w?rdrobe doors and dr?wer fronts, ??lus ?ustom m?de w?rdrobes ?nd cupboards.

Comprehensive Kitchen Supply & Fit Service

High Quality Bespoke Joinery Services in London

No joinery project is too small or too big for us.
Bu??ld??ng work ??n be ?n ex???t??ng t??me but ?lso ?u??te a s??ry and stressful t??me for home owners.
One of the main benefits of em??loy??ng a Building Com???ny to m?n?ge the ?om??lete build is to t?ke away from the customer the stress of organizing ?nd ?rr?ng??ng ?ll of the d??fferent trades.
Th??s ?????ro??h m?y cost you sl??ghtly more but the g???ns f?r outwe??gh the neg?t??ves. The ??roje?t ??s m?n?ged, org?n??zed ?nd ?rr?nged ???ord??ng to the s?hedule by us. Any del?ys due to we?ther or specialist ??tems not del??vered on time are our ?on?ern ?nd worry and not yours.
Any extern?l ??ersonnel w??ll also be ?oord??n?ted – even org?n??zed - ?s required. For ex?m??le, Bu??ld??ng Control, utility ?om???n??es.

Atl?ss London ltd has a we?lth of ex??er??en?e ??n the construction and joinery f??elds. For ye?rs we have m?n?ged private ?nd commercial work – both l?rge and sm?ll.
We ensure that all of our em??loyees are ?om??etent ??n the building trade. Any s??e????l??st sub-?ontr??tors required ?re ??erson?lly vetted beforeh?nd to ensure their work meets our ex??t??ng st?nd?rds. From start to f??n??sh we w??ll ensure the whole ??ro?ess of turn??ng your dreams ??nto re?l??ty ??s as ?????n free ?s possible. We ?re there as a ?onst?nt source of ?dv???e, re?ssur?n?e – even inspiration – for those finishing tou?hes.
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Your kitchen can look stunning. If you are planning a renovation or you move to a new home, for sure you are wondering on where to buy your kitchen furniture. In the furniture stores there are really a lot of interesting pieces, but finding the best ones can sometimes be really very difficult.
Why should you choose a bespoke kitchen?
Kitchen equipment is additionally not cheap – this is not an occasional purchase, which can be repeated after a year, but usually we buy furniture for years. Therefore, if you want to have the best kitchen, you should think about bespoke furniture, which will be tailored to suit your every need – that is an offer that deserves attention!...
Finding the perfect furniture in stores can be a really big problem – although the selection is usually very large, yet on the other hand not everyone wants to compromise and choose the kind of furniture that will not fully meet all the requirements. In this case you should consider another
Joinery UK london
er solution – furniture that is custom made by a professional carpenter. More and more people are looking for that kind of offers to get the best quality and an amazing, truly custom design!

In joinery companies you can order a lot of different furniture – virtually the only limit is your imagination, and the experience and skills of the...